Easily Keep Track of Your Fishing with The Fish Nuggets Fishing Logbook

Fish Nuggets lets you quickly capture the most important data about your catches so that you can spend more time fishing and less time logging. With one click, capture gps, weather and species then use the stats screens to win more tournaments.

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Fishing Nuggets Features

We make logging your catches and keeping track of your fishing trips quick and easy without sacrificing accuracy

  • Automatically Capture GPS and Weather

    When you log a catch, the Fish Nuggets app automatically saves the exact location, weather and time.

  • Track Lures and Rods with no Typing

    No need to type details about your rod, reel or lure. Just take a picture and it will automatically be captured when you log a catch.

  • Mark Lake Features and Waypoints

    Capture lake features and mark waypoints during your trip then review them easily and quickly on the map or in the trip timeline.

  • Powerful Trip Map and Timeline

    Review your trip on the map with easy to understand icons or dig into the details in the timeline. Click on the icons or the timeline to review each catch.


The Fish Nuggets App is constantly evolving to be the most useful fishing tool in your tackle box.

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